About Us


I love painting, drawing and creating large-scale installations. The theme of my work focuses on the emotional connection that people and experiences leave on us as humans. I am always excited to explore different media. I often create mixed media paintings, mixing elements together like ink and pencil together see how they react then manipulating them to form unique reticulations.

While I have a deep love for printmaking, I truly love exploring different media and working with paper. My paper sculptures, large-scale installations, and paintings range from huge to tiny. They are my way of exploring and bringing a little beauty into the world. I have been lucky enough to have a few galleries show my installation work. My giant paper sculptures, some as big as twenty-five feet long and twelve feet high have come to life. But I also love to work smaller, sometimes creating series of work the size of my hand.

Big or small, I love it all.

My main goal as an artist is to make things that people make people smile. Life goes by so quickly and things change in an instant. If I can make someone smile and appreciate life for just a minute, then I have made a small impact.


If you have any questions please email me at adri@adriluna.com